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If you've ever built relationships, for work or pleasure, you know how important storytelling is to connect people. 

Be a confident speaker

Be a better listener

Know what to say about yourself

Develop your storytelling style


Storytelling for Consultants

“Anneliese created and delivered a fantastic series of storytelling workshops for us at CX Partners.  It was exciting to see our consultants putting their storytelling skills into action in the work they subsequently did - both internally and with our clients.”

—  Tamlyn Driver, Person Experience Director at CX Partners

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For me story is everywhere, integral to who we are and everything we do. I think we can live and work better together when we engage with our stories. If you're a socially concious business and you'd like to talk about how storytelling can help you, or you'd like to find out more about training, give me a call.

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