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Story Services.

Make your story work for you.

Inspire your clients and motivate your team, by sharing a genuine story that sets you apart from your competitors.


Your story should naturally communicate purpose, direction and values to your team and clients.


Your story should be told regularly, everyone you know should know it and be able to tell it with genuine enthusiasm.


If you're not sure what to say about yourself, let Extraordinary Story help. By discovering and crafting your story, you'll see the extraordinary in your ordinary and tell a story worth telling.


  • Find the hidden gold in your story.

  • Craft a compelling origin story.

  • Learn how to tell your story.

  • Connect with the right employees and customers, who share your beliefs and values.

  • Define the unique purpose of your organisation.


“ It really helps that you are coming from an outside perspective - you're not another corporate consultant delivering the sales funnel."

Sam Menter, Company Director

"She has a way of getting a story out of you that is liberating and free of pressure."

Lidia Drzewieck, Company Director

Get your team talking.

For both the wellbeing and performance of your team, it's vital to communicate well face to face. 


Extraordinary Story offers bespoke verbal storytelling workshops to help your team communicate better. 


Whether you want to develop natural presentation skills or simply to get to know each better, story workshops will get your team talking.

  • Unite teams through a creative shared experience.

  • Develop verbal communication skills.

  • Enhance deep listening skills.

  • Understand individual storytelling styles.

  • Learn storycraft.

  • Practise natural presentation skills.

  • Develop audience awareness.


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