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  • Anneliese

What’s your “WHY?”: How one workshop helped two business owners rediscover the joy in their work.

Extraordinary Story helped two brothers find their “WHY?” as they looked to develop their catering and hospitality consultancy together. Over the course of an initial consultation and half-day workshop Anneliese helped them understand their sense of purpose, communicate more effectively with each other and find the joy in their work.

Simon and Andrew are “the Kitchen Shrinks”. Brothers who combine their extensive kitchen and hospitality management experience in a specialist consultancy to help other restauranteurs succeed. They had the skills. They had the experience. But they knew something was missing. They needed a clear story and united message which captured their passion and their “WHY?” so they could grow their business.

A Fresh Perspective

So we had a coffee together. It’s clear there’s nothing about the restaurant business Simon and Andrew don’t know. With over 50 years of experience between them, they’ve served tens of thousands of customers. They are experienced, capable and hands on. But this meant they were saying yes to everything, including quite literally fitting the kitchen sinks!

A couple of weeks later, we’re in Simon’s kitchen. I’ve had time to reflect on the initial realisations and plan the workshop to find the solutions their business needs. We are working through their narrative, how they got here and what matters most to them individually and as a partnership.

A safe space to share hopes and fears

They know what works commercially for their business. But it’s apparent that, like many other business owners, they find it hard to be honest with themselves about the parts of their work they truly love. We put a focus on discovering their united purpose. The workshop provided a safe space in which they could share their hopes and fears. From this, they developed a confidence to be able to talk more openly with each other.

Now they can use their newfound story and purpose to inspire them to take their family consultancy to the next level. They’re currently in the process of revamping their website and talking to businesses that share their values.