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My storytelling journey started on cold night in January 2015. I invited people in my community to come and tell stories by the fire of my local pub.


Six years before this, I’d left my job as a business manager in The Sanctuary Spa, London and moved to Bristol with my family.  We were looking for a new direction.  I retrained as an actor and discovered I love storytelling.


When my first storytelling event arrived, people entered wrapped in scarves and thick winter coats, eager to listen to the tales of their neighbours.



I've used storytelling to help

  • Communities connect.

  • Small businesses attract the right staff and clients.

  • Teams get to know each other better. 

  • Creatives articulate their unique purpose.


I'm Anneliese, a storyteller and facilitator. If you need to tell a story that matters to you, I can help you do it.


The fire crackled, layers came off, pints were pulled and the room hushed. I drew the curtain. With bright eyes and open hearts, people gasped, laughed and cried as eight storytellers offered their stories. It was a joy to see a small community bond through storytelling and with the embers in the fire still glowing at 1am, the last story was told and the landlord sent us on our merry way.


The community events continued, then, in 2017 I created an event for Food Connections festival. Gathering stories and storytellers including chefs, front of house staff, food producers and even political activists, it was a 360 look at the world of foodies. At this event, I was approached by the managing director of a food branding company. She asked me:

"How do you get people to tell stories?"


This question inspired me to help more people use their voices, share their experiences and connect.


Do you need to communicate with a little more heart and soul? I'd love to help you find and tell your stories.


Curious? Get in touch and let's talk.