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What clients say

Anneliese created and delivered a fantastic series of storytelling workshops for us at CX Partners. The workshops felt like a valuable and creative way of increasing the skills and confidence of our consultants (plus they were great fun!). It was exciting to see our consultants putting their storytelling skills into action in the work they subsequently did - both internally and with our clients.

Tamlyn Driver, Person Experience Director at CX Partners

“ It really helps that you are coming from an outside perspective - you're not another corporate consultant delivering the sales funnel. I very much enjoyed working with you. It was really useful and valuable to take a step back from the business and think about the 'why' instead of the daily 'what'.


I've already pulled concepts we discussed into conversations with clients and collaborators.


Sam Menter, Founder of Mace & Menter

Not only did Anneliese bring huge amounts of practical skills in her workshop, her depth of knowledge and focus encouraged our engagement on the day and in subsequent meetings.


We definitely have more confidence in ‘who we are' and we would highly recommend her skillset.


Simon Greene, Founder of Kitchen Shrink

The workshop that Anneliese put together was great fun and really got the whole team engaged with storytelling. Even those hesitant to take part at the start, quickly got stuck in and left the evening with a smile. My biggest take away was to use storytelling in my everyday work, such as in articles and/or presentations. I’m now creating much more compelling content. I highly recommend Anneliese.”


Effi Chatzopoulou, Ladies that UX

I can highly recommend working with Anneliese. She's not only a warm, fun and inspiring person to be around, she has a way of getting a story out of you that is liberating and free of pressure.


Lidia Drzewiecka , Founder of Visuable